Reducing surface reflection - imitating the nature:

By using nanoimprint lithography and plasma etching we offers so-called subwavelength grating in diamond for anti-reflection (AR) treatment. We can AR-treat diamond substrates for wavelengths between 1 and 50 µm. .

Bringing diamond to space:

We are since several years ago involved in developing diamond components for space applications. For instance is one component based on blocking the center light from distant stars. In this way can the remaining light be analyzed and give answer on the origin of the universe.

High power laser optics:

We have a unique toolbox for designing and fabrication of diffractive optical elements in diamond for use in high power laser applications (CO2-lasers).

Diamond for bio-applications:

Since 2009 are we involved in research and development of diamond surfaces for bio-applications. This involves using nanostructures for controlling the wetting properties (and optical properties at the same time), surface termination for attaching of bio-molecules and electrochemical sensors using diamond. 

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